Sunday, September 27, 2009

panty reshaper Shape and tone up your buttocks

This garment is designed with special elastic bands that lift the buttocks, providing the needed support to prevent flaccid muscles and smoothing any irregularities.


Provides excellent support for the buttocks, encouraging the proper shaping, positioning and sizing of that area. Prevents the accumulation irregularities in the crotch and hip area. The accumulation in the hips disappears or is repositioned to the buttocks. Provides perfectly shaped buttocks. for more information please visit My show case every Friday rain or shine from 7:30 to 9:30 @ 1231 E. Dore street West Covina CA 91792 United States HOME:(626) 968 1847hm cell (626) 434-9020 contact LATOYA ARDYSS INTERNATIONAL Advisor Enroller ID #77897844

Saturday, September 26, 2009

LeVive Antioxidant Supplental

LeVive Antioxidant Supplemental 26 fl OZ. LeVive is an Exotic Fruit Drink. Ardyss LeVive's exclusive Powerful Formula Brings together the worlds most Powerful 5 ( Five greatest fruits 1. Mangosteen 2. Goji 3. Noni 4. Acai Berry and Pomegranate these 5 Blended together offer an un-surpassable support to the body due to the fact that they have high level of Antioxidants that the humane body needs Dosage of the LeVive is as Follows along with you Body magic the correct dosage is 2 oz as a dietary supplement 1 to three times daily before or Between meals .

Monday, September 21, 2009

boost your enery Not with redbull choose ENERLIFE

If you are looking for a different way to boost your energy try Enerlife by ardyss international . One can of Red Bull has 80 milligrams of Caffeine per can this ca lead to insomnia elevated blood presure and stomach irritation. there have been several studies that have shown overloading on energy drinks in general can lead to heart palpitations and seizures. Enerlife by ardyss iternational is a delicios tasting citrus / berry drink that provides a 7 hour natural enery Boost when taken. Enerlife cantains the essential amino accid phenylalanine as well as other cofactors that act as a precursors to Noradrenaline the brain's energizing mood elevating neorotransmitter! the fact that make Enerlife stand out above the rest is is cantains only 5 grams of suger compared to red bull which has 27 grams with the regular red bull. the light Red bull contains 10 grams of suger. Being just recetly diagnost as a Diabetic with a sugar of 561 in the doctors office i recommend this product. for more information please contact:
HOME:(626) 968 1847hm cell (626) 434-9020 contact LATOYA
ARDYSS INTERNATIONAL Advisor Enroller ID #77897844

does the body magic work

according to Dr. Angela tharnish of D. C. " After taking before and after x-rays of a women wearing the Body Magic i have seen first hand the change that it can make to the body. As a Doctor of chiropractic. I am very concerned with the spinal alignment and the stress that is placed on the spine on a daily basis. The Body Magic provided structural support to the lower back placing it i a more anatomically neutral position. I would recommend this product to women who are getting spinal correction and need extra support throughout their day to help alleviate the stress on their lower back. Nothing ca replace a chiropractic adjustment to correct spinal misalignments but the Body Magic helps place the Low back in a better position to deal with day - to- day stress". "